The new V110 Fully Rugged Notebook.
MX50 - 5.7" Wearable Tablet

battle ready, fully secure

A Fully Rugged Tactical Tablet
Where Size, Weight and Power Efficiency Are Key

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Weighing in at less than 1 lb., the MX50's compact size and weight
deliver unrestricted movement and versatility.

0.7in THIN
0.88lb LIGHT

HD 5.7” Touchscreen

Rugged sunlight readable HD
touchscreen with several modes of
operation including Glove Touch,
Rain Mode and Digitizer Mode


Length 7.4in
Height 4.1in
Depth 0.7in


The MX50 is designed from the ground up to be rugged, certified to the highest military
standards and tested by independent, internationally recognized laboratories, providing absolute
confidence that it can survive in any environment.

Power Efficiency BUILT IN

The MX50 has been built with next-generation technology to deliver elite battlefield performance.

Intel® Atom™ x5 Processor
The MX50 is configured with the Intel® Atom™ x5 Processor. This new generation Atom™ processor is optimized for energy efficiency, but has a quad-core chip as well as Intel® HD graphics, so it can perform well, even with the most demanding graphic applications.



Designed to integrate with a
standard issue MOLLE vest,
providing hands-free carrying and
ease of access.

SnapBack Battery

The optional SnapBack Li-Ion
battery almost doubles the
operational availability of the
MX50 when not connected to
a soldier system. It is fully
compatible with the chest

Rugged Connector

Multi-pin connector securely integrates with
soldier technologies and support systems for
real-time situational, environmental and
medical awareness.

Getac has collaborated with industry-leading partners Black Diamond Advanced Technology, ViaSat and Trivalent to provide a complete solution for the tactical operator, including power, communications, device management and NSA-approved file security. With its built-in military connector, the MX50 integrates into the Black Diamond APEx system for external power and communications. Available ViaSat Dynamic Defense software provides robust and flexible end-user policy management and device protection. NSA-approved, Trivalent Data Protection software ensures that classified and sensitive data remain protected in the file system of the device.

Impact Resistant Glass

The outermost layer of a Lumibond 2.0 display is toughened impact resistant glass making it one of the most durable displays available.

Optical Clear Resin

A remarkable optically clear resin makes it possible to bond the outer glass, touch panel and LCD creating a single, more durable pane for better visibility.

Capacitive Touchscreen

A special multi-touch capacitive sensor with variable sensitivity means you can use it with bare hands, gloves, in the rain or with a digitizer stylus.

Liquid Crystal Display

Lumibond 2.0 Technology uses a special liquid crystal display which is incredibly energy efficient while also being bright and easy to read, even in direct sunlight.


The MX50 uses our revolutionary LumiBond® 2.0 technology to achieve a display that is more readable and offers better contrast and more crisp colors than any other rugged tablet display.


The MX50 has been approved for U.S. Government use by the NSA under
the Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program.

Next Generation Data Protection

Through Trivalent's unique process of
encryption, data shredding and secure
storage, the data undergoes a transformation
process that changes the properties of the
data. This process renders the data wholly
unusable and completely unrecoverable to
anyone but the authorized user. Trivalent's
security always stays with the data even in
the event of a breach, endpoint compromise
or application vulnerability.

Secure Data-At-Rest (DAR)
To enhance the level of encryption to secure data-at-rest, we offer Trivalent’s cutting-edge encryption process, data shredding and file reconstitution to ensure vital data is secure, should the device fall into the wrong hands.


Less downtime when it’s crunch time

The MX50 is designed not to fail, but if it ever needs to be serviced, Getac offers unmatched
coverage and support that will ensure that you get your device fixed and back on the job fast.

3 year Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty
Nothing says quality like a
manufacturer standing behind
their product. We've designed
the MX50 rugged tablet from
the inside out to survive drops,
shocks, spills, vibration and
more. We're confident in our
quality and that's why the
rugged MX50 comes standard
with a 3 year Bumper-to-
Bumper warranty. It's the
peace-of-mind protection of
knowing you're covered.
1 MX50 comes standard with a 3-year Bumper-to-Bumper warranty.
For full details of the warranty protection, see the terms and conditions.


A Fully Rugged Tactical Tablet
Where Size, Weight and Power Efficiency are Key