The new V110 Fully Rugged Notebook.


Get value for your old computers. Panasonic Toughbook, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Compaq, Toshiba and IBM laptops and desktops have value as trade-ins that can help you offset the cost of upgrading to a state-of-the-art Getac rugged computer.




Recovers value by fully refurbishing & remarketing IT equipment.
Provides millions of dollars back to many of the country's largest companies.
Guarantees data sanitization to DoD levels.
Produces products that are the electronic equivalent of CertifiedPre-Owned luxury vehicles.
Promotes the preferred environmental path of reuse, not recycling.
Generates activity reports by asset serial number.
  • Option 1.

    Revenue Share

    Using a unique pricing model, PlanITROI clients share a percentage of the unit sale price, minus ITAD related services. Client receives payout once equipment is sold.

  • Option 2.

    Buy Out

    Based on a predetermined price for assets by grade, paid 30 days after audit.

  • Option 3.

    Quick Cash

    Based on a predetermined price by technology, paid upon receipt verification. The Quick Cash option is for a client that needs immediate compensation without inspection of assets.


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